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onderwerp datum
Tax structure with provision of sports fields is no abuse of VAT right 29 apr 2021
No 9% VAT rate for digital cultural events 2 apr 2021
Manifest at quoted prices without VAT 18 mrt 2021
Beach pavilion may apply reduced VAT rate for sports activities 12 mrt 2021
VAT and working from home 12 feb 2021
Agricultural standards for withdrawals for own and private use 2020 6 jan 2021
Assessment dated 2021, but received in 2020 – do not pay before 2021 22 dec 2020
Only option for small business scheme if the turnover of solar panels of the VAT entrepreneur, together with his other turnover, remains below the threshold 26 okt 2020
An incorrect VAT return on purpose leads to conviction of tax fraud 12 okt 2020
State Secretary: no fine for late Q2 VAT return 7 sep 2020
VAT can only be deducted if the costs are related to current or future VAT-taxed activities 7 sep 2020
Request EU-VAT back before 1 october 2020; no reclaim on food and drinks consumed in the catering industry in the Netherlands 7 sep 2020
Failure to do VAT supplementation by the consultant can be fined 6 jul 2020
Budget services to mentally disabled clients are not exempt from VAT 6 jul 2020
Participating in other company is not enough to get included in VAT group 6 jul 2020
Charging costs to participation does not always lead to VAT deduction 8 jun 2020
Form for postponement of VAT payment 8 jun 2020
Fine is justified if VAT is not declared, also if input VAT is not reclaimed by customer 1 jun 2020
Office building is not a totality of assets 4 mei 2020
Brick paving is construction 4 mei 2020